Next Generation Youth

Welcome to the Next Generation Youth Ministry, a crucial generation, a young energetic and highly creative generation like the Joshua and the Caleb generation that shaped the destiny of the nation with their faith in God. At BLF, we recognize the tremendous challenge ahead facing this generation, and our aim is to equip them with the necessary tools to become over comers in their lives, not just materially but in their all round lives. Our goal is to equip students to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ, while radically transforming the culture.

The Chosen/Impact Ministry serves students from 6th through 12th grades. We are dedicated to creating an interactive, fun, intimate and safe environment where students can grow in the full understanding of who they are in God and what they are called to do on Earth.

Making disciples is the heart of our program. We personally walk with our students and show them how to conquer everyday issues, make godly decisions, and go out into the world and radically transform their surroundings! Our youth services are live, informative and life-changing. There is never a dull moment. You never know what you might see or experience in the Chosen generation Ministry. Students grow in Christ, build awesome friendships, share thoughts and feelings — all while taking a journey like never before as we minister Christ in the most relevant and exciting way!

This program has three groups;

- The blaze age group is between 15-19 years
- The NGY age group is between 11-14 years
- Junior teens age group is 10

To achieve this, we offer;

- Monthly biblical based mentorship sessions
- Monthly life coaching skills sessions
- Annual youth retreats and camping tailored to offer young people with moments of reflection and one to one coaching
- Annual youth seminars